Can I add a cabinet door switch to a Carmanah StreetHub™ or Applied Information (AI) equipped system?

This article details how to add a cabinet door switch sensor to a Carmanah StreetHub or Applied Information (AI) equipped system.

Product applicability

The following products are compatible with the cabinet door switch sensor:

  • G Series: SC315-G, R820-G, R829-G and R247-G
  • SpeedCheck: SPEEDCHECK-12-HUB (equipped with cabinet only), SPEEDCHECK-15-HUB and SPEEDCHECK-18-HUB 

Installation instructions

In January 2020, Carmanah partnered with Applied Information (AI) to integrate their remote connectivity solution into the manufacturing of Carmanah's beacon and sign portfolio. Known as StreetHub, we are offering to retrofit existing compatible systems with this remote connectivity, which includes a cabinet door switch.

The switch allows users to see if the power cabinet door has been opened/closed, when these events have occurred, and the current state of the switch. These events are monitored using the Glance platform:

Starting 2020 Q4, the StreetHub inclusive products below will come standard with a door switch installed in the cabinet.

Cabinet Revision

Customer Supplied Applied Information (AI) Modem

Factory Carmanah StreetHub

Door Switch Sensor Compatible

Current Carmanah

G Series/SpeedCheck

(starting 2020 Q4)




Legacy Carmanah

G Series/SpeedCheck





Information Display Company (IDC, radar speed signs)




¹ Current cabinets contain half-shears punched into the cabinet for locating the sensor mounting drill holes. An instruction manual is provided by Carmanah for AI integration retrofits if not ordered as a StreetHub product.

² Requires locating drill holes for mounting the door switch. Contact Carmanah for more information.

For more information on StreetHub remote connectivity, please visit our website.

Contact Carmanah if you wish to retrofit a cabinet door switch to a new or existing AI installation which uses a Carmanah G Series/SpeedCheck cabinet (non-StreetHub systems).