My shipment has missing material. What should I do?

If you are missing materials from your delivered order, first confirm all parcels were delivered, examine all parcel contents, then contact your vendor.

First, check the tracking number provided by your distributor to confirm that all parcels included in the shipment have been delivered. If this order shipped with Carmanah's carrier, please see the next paragraph. If this order shipped with your carrier and there are parcels missing, you will need to work directly with your carrier to determine when outstanding packages will be delivered.

Once it has been confirmed that all packages were delivered, the next step is to open all boxes and thoroughly examine the contents. Smaller components are often packaged within outer boxes and can be easily missed.

Carmanah sells through a distributor network, so the final step is to contact your vendor with the following:

  • Part number and quantity of missing items (reference the Packing Slip)
  • Photos of all items received in the delivery (including the exterior and interior of all boxes)

Your vendor will now have the information required to work directly with Carmanah to help resolve this issue. We will make every effort to keep your vendor updated with the progress of the investigation.