What type of wireless communications do Carmanah crosswalk beacons use and how do I configure it?

This article describes how wireless communication works for crosswalk beacon systems.


Newer Carmanah wireless beacon systems use a simple, 2.4 GHz, peer-to-peer, wireless network.

This means that there are no dedicated master or slave units.

Carmanah crosswalk beacon systems come pre-configured from the factory with the radio installed and set to channel #5.

If you are working on a system that has not been factory configured, simply check that the radio is set to "ON",= and set all systems, including any advance beacon units, to the same radio channel.



If you have more than one crosswalk located within 1000 feet of one another, ensure that you are using different channels to avoid crosstalk and phantom beacon activations.

Also, if you suspect that you may have interference from other local, non-Carmanah equipment, try setting all systems on the same network to a different radio channel.