What settings do I use for an advisory radar speed sign with Slow Down?

This article details the SpeedCheck Manager settings when configuring an advisory sign with Slow Down.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • SpeedCheck radar speed signs: SPEEDCHECK-15 and SPEEDCHECK-18; with the advisory sign and Slow Down options

The following SpeedCheck Manager settings should be used to configure your advisory sign accordingly:

  • System type set to Advisory Speed (this is factory programmed by Carmanah)
  • Operating Mode set to Continuous or Use Scheduler, depending on application
  • SLOW DOWN Message enabled under the Device Setup tab
  • Speed Limit = 199 (this will disable displaying vehicle speeds)
  • Violation Alert = speed at which you want Slow Down to flash
  • SLOW DOWN Speed = speed at which you want SLOW DOWN to come on solid 

For example:

  • Sign will be blank until vehicles reach 25 MPH (or KPH)
  • Between 25 - 29 MPH SLOW DOWN will be on solid
  • Once speeds reach 30+ MPH SLOW DOWN will start flashing

SpeedCheck Manager Setting Parameter Notes
Slow Down Enabled Enabled  
Operating Mode Continuous/User Scheduler  
Speed Limit 199 Disables any vehicle speeds being displayed
Violation Alert Speed As required Speed at which SLOW DOWN will be flashing
SLOW DOWN Speed As required Speed at which SLOW DOWN will be solid


Download the latest version of SpeedCheck Manager here.

Password to get into the Device Setup tab is unlock.