SPEEDCHECK-12/15/18 Software Compatibility

This article details what software version can be used with your radar speed sign.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:


Compatibility Overview

Model Date Range PC (Legacy) Mobile App PC (BLE)
SPEEDCHECK-12 2021 Q4 - 2023 Q3 Yes Yes No

2023 Q4 - current No Yes Yes
SPEEDCHECK-15/18 2007 - 2022 Q2 Yes No No

2023 Q1 - 2023 Q3 Yes Yes No

2023 Q4 - current No Yes Yes

SpeedCheck Manager (BLE) is a separate PC application, available starting in 2024, from the legacy SpeedCheck Manager software. It is only compatible with newer SpeedCheck radar speed signs from 2023 Q4 and newer.

*BLE = Bluetooth Low Energy

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