How do I choose between a SPEEDCHECK-12, SPEEDCHECK-15, or SPEEDCHECK-18 radar speed sign?

This article discusses the differences between the three sizes of SpeedCheck radar speed signs - 12", 15", and 18".

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:


Carmanah has three different sizes of systems based on LED digit height. Please refer to the information below for a comparison between them:

LED digit size 12" 15" 18"
Speed limit Under 45 mph Under 45 mph 45 mph and over
Legibility distance* 360 ft 450 ft 540 ft
LED color Yellow Yellow, red or white Yellow, red or white
Optional SLOW DOWN message No Yes Yes
Beacon add-ons No Optional flashing beacons Optional flashing beacons
Strobe White strobe included Optional white or red/blue No
Power options Solar, AC, Battery-only Solar, AC Solar, AC
Setup software PC software or Mobile app PC software or Mobile App¹ PC software or Mobile App¹
Remote connectivity Applied Information Applied Information or Ethernet Applied Information or Ethernet

¹Only systems with the updated controller which shipped starting 2023. Contact Carmanah for more details.

*Legibility distance = a minimum specific ratio of 1 inch of letter height per 30 feet (per MUTCD Section 2A.13.02).

For individual data sheets for each product visit our article here.

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