SpeedCheck® Radar Speed Signs Component Images and Details

Below is a visual repository of various Carmanah radar speed signs components.

System/Part  Image

LED Display Enclosure

Rear Enclosure

Rear Enclosure Mounting Bracket

Rear Enclosure Handle

Retaining Bolt

Push Lock

Applied Information Monitoring Option

AC Backplane

AC Power Supply (60 W)

Solar Kit

Top of Pole Solar Mounts

Solar Charge Controller (SunSaver 6)

Morningstar SunSaver Charge Controller SS-6-12V : Amazon.ca: Automotive

30 W Solar Panel

50 W Solar Panel

Wedge Cast Mount

Hub Plate

SPEEDCHECK-12 Batteries (18 Ah, up to 3 in total)

Battery Charger (battery only systems)



SpeedCheck Cabinet (solar)

SpeedCheck Cabinet (AC)

Houston Radar DR600 radar

Houston Radar DR500 radar (legacy)

Decatur SI-3 radar (legacy)

Updated Programmable Control Board

Programmable Control Board (legacy)

Classic Control Board (legacy)

Solar Charge Controller (SunSaver 10L)

Morningstar SunSaver SS-10L-12V Charge Controller | Unbound Solar

Solar Charge Controller (legacy - ASC)

Specialty Concepts ASC-12/12 12 Amp 12V PWM Charge Controller: Amazon.ca:  Electronics

AC Power Supply (60 W)

AC Backplane

Alignment Guide

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