How long does it take to charge my SPEEDCHECK-12 battery using the external battery charger?

This article discuses the status LED on the external battery charger included with battery only SPEEDCHECK-12 systems.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • SpeedCheck: SPEEDCHECK-12

Battery only SPEEDCHECK-12's do not contain a solar charging system and must be charged externally using the provided charger.

The external battery charger has an LED to alert you of the battery state of charge:

  • Red = battery charging
  • Green = battery is full and being maintained

Below is a rough guide you may follow for charging times based on battery state of charge:

Battery Capacity Battery State of Charge Charging Time
18 Ah 10% (~11.7V) to 50% (~12.2V)  ~10 to 11 hours

Open Circuit Voltage (per cell) vs State of Charge

Age, temperature, state of charge, and cycle life will affect charging time and service life. The above charging times are estimations only.

Charging will continue once the green LED is illuminated. This means the charger has dropped into a very low current stage to maintain the battery's full charge.  

Charger housing may be warm to the touch while charging.

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