Why is my SpeedCheck® charge controller (SunSaver SS-10L) exhibiting a flashing error?

This article details an error state the SunSaver charge controller can exhibit for certain SPEEDCHECK-15/18 radar speed signs.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • SpeedCheck: SPEEDCHECK-15 and SPEEDCHECK-18

In 2019 Q1 Carmanah changed to the SunSaver SS-10L charge controller for the SPEEDCHECK-15/18 radar speed signs. This allowed the signs to be directly connected to the load terminals of the charge controller, which provides low voltage disconnect (LVD) protection to help preserve the battery when it is in a low state of charge. 

The systems previously contained a large capacitor which was a legacy carryover for an older radar model and is no longer needed in current systems. 

On system start up when using the SunSaver charge controller you may experience an issue where the controller starts flashing this battery status LED sequence:

If you experience this issue you will need to remove the large capacitor located inside your system. For removal instructions please see our technical bulletin here.

For more information on Carmanah's change to the SunSaver SS-10L charge controller, please see our technical bulletin here.

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