What range can I expect from my SpeedCheck® radar speed sign?

This article details radar range expectations for SPEEDCHECK-12/15/18 installations.

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The typical range you can expect from your SpeedCheck radar speed sign is between 400 - 1,000 feet, with several variables contributing to this value:

  • Sign mounting height
  • Sign mounting distance from the road
  • Sign alignment 
  • Size of vehicles being detected 
  • Road grade and road curves
    • Tilt mounting brackets (optional) may be required for certain applications, such as road grades that incline or decline
  • Physical obstructions (trees, buildings)
  • Number of lanes to detect (which will affect your sign alignment)

The SPEEDCHECK-12/15/18 radar speed signs have been independently tested to over 1,000 feet of range.

If you have any questions or concerns about deploying the SpeedCheck radar speed sign for your application, please Contact Carmanah.

Refer to the user manuals below for assistance with installation and alignment:

Ensure the speed settings within SpeedCheck Manager are configured properly.

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