How many lanes of traffic can my SpeedCheck® radar speed sign detect?

This article details the number of traffic lanes the SPEEDCHECK-15 and SPEEDCHECK-18 are able to detect.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • SpeedCheck radar speed signs: SPEEDCHECK-15 and SPEEDCHECK-18

The SpeedCheck radar speed signs are designed around a two adjacent lane roadway for best performance.

For applications that require three lanes of detection, the performance may vary. We recommend pointing the sign towards the middle of the center lane for the best coverage as possible. Larger vehicles will be dominant when detected across multiple lanes. Range may be reduced for the lanes closer to the radar sign.


Model Number of Lanes Comments
SPEEDCHECK-15/18 1-3 Range and performance may vary for a three lane roadway

Refer to our alignment instructions in the SPEEDCHECK-15/18 user manual here.