What are my system configuration options for a SPEEDCHECK-12 radar speed sign?

This article will discuss your system configuration options when specifying the SPEEDCHECK-12 radar speed sign.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • SpeedCheck: SPEEDCHECK-12

The SPEEDCHECK-12 radar speed sign has a few different options to choose from. There are several items that come standard such as Bluetooth connectivity, embedded strobe (can be disabled), mobile app and PC software, scheduling, data collection, stealth mode, and battery charger (battery only systems).

Static Signs¹
  • 24" x 22" YOUR SPEED on one line
    • (non-MUTCD compliant)
  • 30" x 24" YOUR SPEED on one line
  • 30" x 36" YOUR SPEED on two lines
LED Display Mount²
  • Mounting bracket
Power Sources
  • Battery only

  • Solar

  • AC 

Battery Enclosures
  • External cabinet (single battery only)
  • Solar housing and SPEEDCHECK-12 rear enclosure (multiple battery options)
Solar Panel Mounts³
  • Side of pole mount

  • Top of pole mount
Remote Connectivity⁴
  • StreetHub

¹Sign colors available in yellow, fluorescent yellow-green, and white. Diamond Grade sheeting is optional.

²Optional mounting hardware available based on pole/post size and type.

³Solar based systems only. Several battery quantity and solar panel size combinations available.

⁴1/2/3/4/5 year connectivity, support, and battery plans available.

The strobe is not MUTCD compliant and can be turned off in SpeedCheck Manager.