How can I connect a third-party trigger to my Carmanah beacon system?

This article details integrating a third-party trigger to activate your Carmanah beacon system.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • E Series: R829-E and R247-E
  • F Series: R829-F and R247-F
  • G Series: R829-G and R247-G

Carmanah beacon systems can accept a dry contact from a third-party system or device for activation purposes. This dry contact must be able to accept 12-15 VDC, which will be present at the connection terminals. A third-party output can be a from a variety of things such as signalized intersections, sensors, or detectors.

For instances that a dry contact output is not available you will need to use an isolation relay. Carmanah can provide this relay but you can integrate your own that is appropriately specified:

  • DC to DC:
    1. Input = 4 VDC to 32 VDC
    2. Load = 5 VDC to 200 VDC

Output from an AC powered trigger will need an AC input/DC output relay.

See the information below on wiring and integrating a third-party trigger:

E/F Series

G Series

Model Relay Mounting Location Wire Termination
E Series

Energy Management System PCBA

  • PBS+/-
F Series

Energy Management System PCBA:

  • PBS+/-
G Series

G Series Input/Output Terminal block

  • INPT+/-

Wire termination for the trigger is not polarity sensitive.

If you have any questions on your third-party trigger application, Contact Carmanah.

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