What settings should I use for an LED enhanced sign?

This article explains the flash pattern and intensity settings you should use for your Carmanah LED enhanced sign.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • E Series: R820-E, R829-E and R247-E 
  • F Series: R820-F, R829-F and R247-F
  • G Series: R820-G, R829-G and R247-G


Starting March 2021, Carmanah has adjusted our standard intensity and flash pattern settings for red and yellow LED enhanced signs:

  • Flash pattern = 0.25u
    • 0.25s on, then 0.75s off = 25% duty cycle
    • Unison flashing or "synced," meaning additional LED enhanced signs connected in parallel will all flash at the same time
  • Intensity = 120mA (per LED enhanced sign)
  • Night dimming = 10% (10% of daytime intensity)
  • LED color temperature = off 

This change allows for increased LED "on time" of 150% compared to our previous standard, while being brighter and more power-efficient at the same time. This was made possible by an updated design to our LED enhanced signs.

Even though the daytime intensity is slightly reduced, there's a higher perceived brightness due to the LEDs being on much longer, as well as the updated LED module design. We are also dimming the intensity at night to reduce the amount of glare while achieving power savings.

carmanah LED flashing stop sign

Shipment Date From Carmanah Flash Pattern Intensity Night Dimming
2018 Q3 – March 2021 


(10% duty cycle)


(per LED enhanced sign)


(not applied)

March 2021 – current


(25% duty cycle)


(per LED enhanced sign)


(10% of daytime intensity)

0.25u (current)
0.1u (legacy)

Please refer to the examples below for programming your LED enhanced sign-equipped beacon system. 

Example 1 Example 2

Single LED enhanced sign powered by one system

  • Intensity setting = 120mA (120mA * 1)
  • Flash pattern = 0.25u
  • Night dimming = 10

Four LED enhanced signs powered by one system

  • Intensity setting = 480mA (120mA * 4)
  • Flash pattern = 0.25u
  • Night dimming = 10%

Contact Carmanah. if you have any concerns about programming your LED enhanced sign-equipped system.

While LED enhanced signs draw a low amount of power, it is always recommended to get a Solar Power Report from Carmanah for your project to determine the best system sizing.

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