What does the status LED on the SPEEDCHECK-12 external battery charger mean?

This article discuses the status LED on the external battery charger included with battery only SPEEDCHECK-12 systems.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • SpeedCheck: SPEEDCHECK-12
    • Battery only

Battery only SPEEDCHECK-12's do not contain a solar charging system and must be charged externally using the provided charger.

When charging your SPEEDCHECK-12 batteries using the provided charger you will see a status LED located on the cover. The LED will change based on the battery state of charge:

  • Red LED = battery is charging
  • Green LED = battery is full; charger is maintaining the battery (float charging)

For information on battery charging times please see our article here.

Plastic housing may be warm to the touch while charging.

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