Gen 3 Beacon Systems Component Images and Details

Below is a visual repository of various Gen 3 Carmanah beacon systems components.

E/F/G Series Beacon Systems
System/Part  Image

E Series


F Series


G Series Cabinet


Switch Box 

G Series Integrated Lock (standard)
G Series Padlock Latch (optional)
G Series Door Switch (Applied Information equipped systems only)

G Series Circuit Breaker 

(4 A)

G Series AC Backplane

G Series AC Power Supply (60 W, 15 V)

Energy Management System (EMS)

Light Bar

(black, yellow, green powder coated covers)

Light Bar Backplates





Top of pole solar engine mounts

(E Series and F Series)

For 2 - 2.5" square posts and 2.38 - 2.88" OD round poles


 For 3.5 - 4.5" OD round poles 

Top of pole solar panel  mounts

(G Series)

Includes top of pole casting and solar panel brackets
For 3.5 - 4.5" OD round poles
50 or 80 W solar panels only

Side of pole solar panel mount

(G Series)

For 20, 50,  or 80 W solar panels only
Size of mount depends on solar panel size

Overhead Lighting

R838 Wireless Beacon Controller

Rack-Mount Controller 

(19U rack frame)

G Series Hole Plug Kit (optional)

E Series Batteries 

(7 Ah, two per system)

F Series Batteries

(18 Ah, two per system)


Wrong-Way Driver Systems
System/Part  Image


(WW400D detector unit and WW400S warning sign)



(Wrong-Way Vehicle Detection and Warning System)



(24-hour flashing wrong-way warning sign)