What fixture models can I use with my Carmanah products?

This article covers the compatible LED beacons that can be installed in your Carmanah system.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • Legacy: R920, R247-E, R820, R247 and R829
  • E Series: R920-E, R820-E, R829-E and R247-E
  • F Series: R920-F, R820-F, R829-F and R247-F 
  • G Series: SC315-G, R820-G, R829-G and R247-G
  • Wrong-Way Driver: WW100, WW200 and WW400
  • SpeedCheck: SPEEDCHECK-15 and SPEEDCHECK-18

Refer to the following table below:

 Manufacturer Color Size Fixture Model Compatible System
Carmanah Yellow N/A Light Bar¹ R920, SC315
Carmanah Red N/A Light Bar¹ WW100, WW200, WW400
Carmanah  Yellow N/A LED Enhanced Sign¹ R820, R247, R829
Carmanah  Red N/A LED Enhanced Sign¹ R820, R247, R829, WW100, WW200, WW400
Dialight Yellow 12" 433-3230-900XL R820, R247, R829
Dialight Yellow 8" 433-3130-900XL R820, R247, R829
Dialight Red 12" 433-1210-000XL R820, R247, R829
Dialight Red 8" 433-1110-000XL R820, R247, R829
Trastar Yellow 12" JXC300-HFTDCY² SPEEDCHECK-15, SPEEDCHECK-18
Trastar Yellow  8" JXC200-HFTDCY² SPEEDCHECK-15, SPEEDCHECK-18
Dialight Yellow 12" 433-3230-905XL SPEEDCHECK-15, SPEEDCHECK-18
Dialight Yellow  8" 433-3130-905XL SPEEDCHECK-15, SPEEDCHECK-18

¹ Fixture must be provided by Carmanah

² Beacon is not ITE intensity compliant

Dialight 12" yellow:

  • Legacy = 433-3230-811XL
  • Current = 433-3230-900XL

The Dialight "900XL" and "811XL" beacons are considered equivalent and are interchangeable in any Carmanah beacon system that provides constant current (excludes SpeedCheck).

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