What do I do if my crosswalk beacons are not communicating wirelessly?

Follow these wireless communication troubleshooting steps with the onboard user interface to help resolve radio issues.

Product applicability

This article applies to the following Carmanah crosswalk beacon products:

  • E Series: R920-E and R820-E
  • F Series: R920-F and R820-F
  • G Series: SC315-G and R820-G

This article applies only to Carmanah traffic beacon systems that feature an onboard user interface with a seven-segment LED display.


In some cases, physical obstructions can interfere with radio communications. Ensure your beacons are in direct line of site and within 1000' of each other. This is more prevalent in systems that use advance warning beacons, though it can happen with systems that are located in close proximity. It is usually due to basic product configuration.

If you have two or more systems that are not communicating, check the following product configuration options:

Scroll through the menu items on the user interface and check:

  • rF = on (radio is enabled)
  • chAn (all systems should be on the same channel)

If your product has the radio installed, and the radio is functioning correctly, the following will be displayed when scrolling through the menu: rAdo = det

If your system is not displaying the above on the user interface, contact Carmanah customer support.