SpeedCheck® product update - new options: all solar configurations available to SPEEDCHECK-12/15/18

This article details an update to SPEEDCHECK-12/15/18 solar equipped radar speed signs - now with the ability to choose a wider array of solar configurations.


Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:


When did this update occur

Carmanah started offering the solar kits and solar cabinets across the entire SpeedCheck product line starting in 2022 Q2 with new orders.

New options

Starting with the SPEEDCHECK-12 in 2021, Carmanah introduced integrated solar kits (30 W and 50 W). We have now expanded the solar kits to be compatible with SPEEDCHECK-15/18 radar speed signs. Additionally, the solar cabinet typically used for SPEEDCHECK-15/18 is now available for SPEEDCHECK-12. In general this allows for greater flexibility for smaller/ more compact systems or expanding to larger solar panel, battery, and cabinets if your application requires it.


Model Configuration Solar Panel Battery Image
Solar Kit 30 W 1x 18 Ah
2x 18 Ah

50 W 1x 18 Ah
2x 18 Ah

Solar Cabinet

50 W

80 W

170 W

1x 35 Ah

1x 55 Ah

1x 100 Ah


Side of pole mounts available for all solar panel configurations.

If Telespar posts are used it is recommended to use the solar kit option, when possible, for ease of installation.