E/F/G Series product improvement - extended antenna harness

This article details the radio antenna harness length increase for the E/F/G Series beacon products: when it occurred, why we did it, and more.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • E Series: R920-E, R820-E, R829-E and R247-F 
  • F Series: R920-F, R820-F, R829-F and R247-F
  • G Series: SC315-G, R820-G, R829-G and R247-G

The 2.4 GHz radio allows multiple systems, in close proximity to each other geographically, to serve two primary functions:

  • Send and receive beacon on/beacon off commands when one system has been triggered (pedestrian button, passive detection, internal or external scheduling)
  • Synchronizing the beacon flashing between all systems on the same channel

When did this update occur

In 2021 Q2, all radio-equipped systems above received this update. The antenna harness will now have a cable length of 20" compared to the previous 8" length.

What has been improved

Previously, radio-enabled systems came with an 8” antenna harness connected to the Energy Management System (EMS). Because removing the EMS mounting plate may be necessary during troubleshooting or repair, this longer 20" harness will provide more slack to make the process easier.

We have received feedback from installers that adding extra length to the antenna harness will make troubleshooting and repair easier, hence the length update. 

Certain models are radio-equipped as standard while others are optional:

  • Pedestrian crossing systems (R920 / R820) = radio-equipped as standard
  • 24-hour and school zone beacon systems (R247 / R829) = radio optional