What fixture types can I use with my Carmanah products?

This article explains the LED fixture types that are usable with Carmanah products.


For more information please visit our companion article here.


1. Beacons systems

Carmanah uses the same system controller for all of its beacon products, including RRFBs, circular beacons, and LED-enhanced signs.

This controller features a high-efficiency, constant-current, LED circuit, and as such, only constant-current fixtures consisting of raw LED strings (no other circuitry) are compatible.


Only use constant-current type LED fixtures when replacing damaged fixtures or performing system troubleshooting. Connecting non-compatible fixture types to the system may result in damage to the controller or fixtures.


2. Radar Speed Signs

Carmanah radar speed signs have a configurable 12-volt, constant voltage output built into the product controller.

This output can be used to power circular beacons, strobes, and other 12-volt devices.

This output can provide up to 24 Watts.


Do not connect constant-current LED or other devices to the 12-volt output on the control board.