How does the Carmanah R829 calendar programming work?

This article explains how the calendar programming feature works on an R829 school zone beacon system.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • Legacy: R829
  • E Series: R829-E
  • F Series: R829-F
  • G Series: R829-G 

The R829 School Zone Calendar Configuration software is used to select the dates and times you would like the beacon(s) to be actively flashing, normally during select times during a school day (e.g. drop off, lunch, and pick up). The software includes the ability to set additional 'scheduled events' such as early releases, holidays, and sporting events. The system can be programmed up to a maximum of 500 days in advance. Once that 500 days has expired, a new calendar must be created. A typical situation would be to program the beacons prior to each school year once your schedule is known. 

The software is available for Windows-based PCs only (Windows 7/10). The connection from the beacon system to your PC will be one of the following:

  • Serial (legacy)
  • Serial to USB (legacy)
  • USB

All USB based beacon systems require version 1.2.0 or greater to be compatible. 


Review the user manual, or contact us for the software and USB drivers.