E/F/G Series and SpeedCheck® product improvement - AI-500-030/070C adapter harness

This article details an adapter harness to go from an AI-500-070B harness to an AI-500-030/070C modem.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • F Series: R920-F, R829-F, and R247-F
  • G Series: SC315-G, R829-G, and R247-F

When did this update occur

In 2022 Q3, all systems optioned with the respective AI Integration kit will include this adapter harness.

What does this adapter harness do

This adapter harness allows existing AI-500-070B or new AI-500-030/070C installations to be wired much easier into Carmanah systems. 


For more information on the adapter harness and it's applications please see our article here.