Can I add passive detection to my crosswalk beacon systems?

This article details how to add passive pedestrian detection sensors to crosswalk beacon systems.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • G Series: R820-G, SC315-G


The pedestrian activated beacon systems referenced above have the option to include a passive detection sensor as an additional means of activation. That way, in circumstances where a pedestrian does not use the available push button, the sensor will detect the person's presence and signal the beacon system to activate.

These passive sensors come in two models:

  1. SmartWalk XP-S - Curbside, short range 
    1. sensor mounted 0-2' away from the crossing waiting area
  2. SmartWalk TX-S - Curbside/trail entrance, short to medium range
    1. sensor mounted 10-65' away from the crossing waiting area or approach area
    2. suitable for trail crossings to detect pedestrians or cyclists approaching crossing

Each installation is going different, so sensor performance may vary.

When specifying your project it is recommended to provide Carmanah or your distributor the site plan or Google Street View of the crossing to verify if pedestrian sensors would be viable based on sensor range.

Contact Carmanah if you have a passive detection retrofit opportunity. We will confirm if your installation is suitable as a retrofit.

It is not recommended to solely rely on passive detection as the sole means of triggering the crosswalk beacon system. There should be a pedestrian push button at each location.