How far away from the pedestrian crossing waiting area should I mount the SmartWalk XP-S passive detection sensor?

This article details installation requirements for using the SmartWalk XP-S passive detector at a crosswalk.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • G Series: R820-G, SC315-G


The pedestrian activated beacon systems above have the option to include a passive detection sensor as an supplemental means of activation. In the circumstance where a pedestrian does not use the available push button, the sensor will detect the person's presence and signal the crosswalk beacon system to activate.

These are the mounting requirements for using a SmartWalk XP-S:

  • Mounted on a pole between 0-2' away from the curbside waiting area
    • Any further than 2' and performance cannot be guaranteed and is not recommended
  • Tilted 15° from vertical, pointed directly at the waiting area
  • Mounted between 10-12' in height from the ground

By using the above guidelines you should be able to achieve a detection zone of 5' in length and 4' in width. Each installation is different, so your performance may vary.

There are several settings that must be adjusted once the sensor has been mounted. Please refer to the installation guide provided with your SmartWalk XP-S for more information.

The parameters below may be used as a good setup to start and adjust as you see fit:

DIP Switches

  • Set 1 & 3 on, rest set to off
    • DIP switch 1 = bidirectional detection
    • DIP switch 3 = pedestrian presence sensitivity set to lower setting


  • VR1 (range adjust) - set fully clockwise, highest setting
  • VR2 (detection verification extension) - set fully counter clockwise, lowest setting (no extension)

Do not leave the site without doing a walk test of the detection zone to commission the setup. It is highly recommended you have one person with the sensor cover off adjusting settings while another person walks the zone to map out the detection area.

It is not recommended to solely rely on passive detection as the sole means of triggering the beacon system. There should be a pedestrian push button at each location there is a passive sensor as an alternative.