What is a Solar Power Report (SPR)?

This article discusses Carmanah's Solar Power Report, its benefits for projects, and why you should contact us for one today.

What is a Solar Power Report?

Carmanah's comprehensive site assessment is known as a Solar Power Report (SPR). This report looks at the following components to size your system appropriately:

  • local conditions with a street view
  • solar shading and obstructions
  • sun path during each season
  • solar data
  • weather conditions
  • fixture intensity
  • number of activations or fixture on-time per day
  • system configuration and third-party devices

With the SPR, you will have a proper recommendation at sizing the right system for each project location.


What you will receive

Carmanah will deliver a multipage PDF report showing the system sizing recommendation and all of the key performance metrics which support our results. We will be able to show items such as:

  • Autonomy (days): number of days the system can run off of battery power only
  • Energy in (Wh): amount of energy collected each day, during the worst month of the year
  • Energy out (Wh): amount of energy expended each day, during the worst month of the year
  • Array-to-load ratio (ALR): ratio of energy in over energy out

Carmanah uses a minimum value for autonomy and ALR for your installation location to be deemed sustainable.



Request a Solar Power Report here.

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Previous reports were known as an Energy Balance Report (EBR).