SpeedCheck Manager Mobile App and Guide

This article will provide you with download links to the SpeedCheck Manager mobile app and guide.

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SpeedCheck Manager mobile app is used for configuration and diagnostics of the SPEEDCHECK-12/15/18 radar speed signs. This functionality provides a convenient way of quickly programming and checking various statuses from your mobile device.

This application is for compatible devices on iOS, iPadOS, and Android. Click on the image below to be taken to the respective app store to download the mobile app.


SpeedCheck Manager is also available as a Windows based PC software. Certain functions such as scheduling requires SpeedCheck Manager on a PC.

SpeedCheck Manager mobile app is supported by SPEEDCHECK-12 and hardware capable version of the SPEEDCHECK-15/18. Revision E (RevE) of the SPEEDCHECK-15/18 controller, which will start shipping in 2023 Q4, will only be mobile app compatible