Are systems programmed to a sustainable year round intensity?

This article discusses the process Carmanah goes through for each solar based system when ordered.

Carmanah generates a Solar Power Report (SPR) for each solar based system that we ship. This is to ensure that we are assigning the correct intensity value to function during the worst time of year for solar insolation.

These are the items you should provide to Carmanah for more accurate intensity calculations when purchasing:

  • Additional third party load not provided by Carmanah (beacons, monitoring solutions, passive detection, sensors...etc)
  • Solar panel and/or battery sizes for items not provided by Carmanah
  • Exact location of crosswalk or pole installation (Google Street View link, latitude/longitude
    • If exact location is not known then Carmanah will use the city that it will be installed in as a general location.

Based on the items included with the purchase order we will know the system type(s) and how they are intended to be used. When we do not know the exact installation location we assume there will be no shading on the solar panel of the system. This means we will be programming the highest intensity sustainable for the system given its location and configuration. The more accurately we can analyze the installation location the greater the system sustainability will be and the longer the batteries will last.


If you are unsure about the sustainability for your installation location, please contact Carmanah to obtain a Solar Power Report (SPR).