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Can I add 3rd party products to my system without voiding the warranty?

This article contains information on adding 3rd party components to your system and the impact it may have on your system warranty.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • Legacy: SC315, R920 and R247-E
  • E Series: R920-E, R820-E, R829-E and R247-E
  • F Series: R920-F, R820-F, R829-F and R247-F
  • G Series: SC315-G, R820-G, R829-G and R247-G
  • SpeedCheck radar speed signs: SPEEDCHECK-12, SPEEDCHECK-15, and SPEEDCHECK-18

Carmanah's beacon and radar speed sign systems come mostly prewired out of the box, ready for the end-user to terminate to various loads, pushbuttons, power, and accessories. Prewired systems alleviate the need for the end-user to access or modify connections to sensitive electronics.

The following are some minor differences between the different models and wiring  methods:

  • E Series: Fully prewired, ready to terminate to bare wire. Only items prewired by Carmanah are ready to terminate.
  • F Series: Fully prewired, ready to terminate to bare wire. Only items prewired by Carmanah are ready to terminate.
  • G Series: Fully prewired to exposed terminal blocks, all connections available to the end-user.
  • SPEEDCHECK-12: Fully prewired with plug-and-play connectors available to the end-user.
  • SPEEDCHECK-15/18: Fully prewired to exposed terminal blocks and bare wire, all connections available to the end-user.

In all cases, there should be no reason a user will need to gain access and modify/add/remove wiring at the control board for typical installations. Adding 3rd party products, while potentially compatible, may void your warranty. Contact Carmanah regarding requests or inquiries for adding 3rd party products into an existing or new installation. The following is a list of typical 3rd party components that may be applicable:

  • Pushbuttons
  • Passive detectors
  • Time clocks
  • Modems
  • Wireless radios 
  • Remote connectivity
  • Knockdown Sensors
  • Flood sensors

After consulting with one of Carmanah's technical experts, G Series/SpeedCheck systems with exposed terminal blocks potentially may have certain 3rd party components connected without voiding the system warranty. However, solar system sustainability may not be achieved without contacting Carmanah and receiving a Solar Power Report.

3rd party add-ons or products supplied and/or wired by Carmanah will not void your warranty.

Refer to your system's warranty terms and conditions here.