What product do I have?

Look for the following features to help determine your product application.

Our products fit into several categories of applications. Determining the application of your installation is the first step to confirming which product model you have.

Here are some features to look for:

  • Signage (e.g. a crosswalk beacon will have a type of pedestrian crossing sign)
Crosswalk sign School zone speed limit sign Radar speed sign Wrong way sign Stop sign or others

  • Type of LED signal (e.g. a rectangular rapid flashing light bar is almost always a crosswalk installation)
RRFB light bar Circular flashing beacon LED enhanced signs


Below are several examples of products for each application. Reference your product with the examples below to determine what application you have and what product is being used. 


  • Product examples:
    • Rectangular rapid flashing beacons (RRFBs)

R920-E small self-contained RRFB

R920-F large self-contained RRFB

SC315-G cabinet-based RRFB

    • Circular flashing crosswalk beacons

R820-E small self-contained circular crosswalk beacon

R820-F large self-contained circular crosswalk beacon

R820-G cabinet-based circular crosswalk beacon


School Zones

  • Product examples:

R829-E small self-contained school zone beacon

R829-F large self-contained school zone beacon

R829-G solar or AC cabinet-based school zone beacon

Radar Speed Signs

  • Product examples:

SPEEDCHECK-12 radar speed sign

SPEEDCHECK-15 radar speed sign

SpeedCheck-18 radar speed sign

SpeedCheck advisory radar speed sign


Wrong-Way Driving 

  • Product examples:

WW100 24-hour flashing wrong-way warning sign

WW400 wrong-way vehicle detection, warning, and alert system


Warning Signs and 24-Hour Flashers

  • Product examples:

R247-E small self-contained 24-hour flashing beacon

R247-F large self-contained 24-hour flashing beacon

R247-G cabinet-based 24-hour flashing beacon

LED Enhanced Signs

  • Product examples:

LED enhanced flashing crosswalk sign

LED enhanced school zone speed limit sign

LED enhanced flashing stop sign


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