SpeedCheck® product update - new hardware: updated programmable controller

This article details an update to the SPEEDCHECK-15/18 controller with a new hardware release: when it occurred, how it works, and more

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • SpeedCheck: SPEEDCHECK-15 and SPEEDCHECK-18

When did this update occur

Starting in late 2021 Q4, all systems above, including replacement SpeedCheck controllers, may receive this new hardware revision (RevD). In some instances based on stocking availability you may have received the legacy programmable controller.

What software version is required 

Starting in 2023 Q4, RevE versions of the controller only support the SpeedCheck Manager mobile app version 3.0.0 or newer.

Radar Model Compatible Photo
Houston Radar DR600 Yes

Houston Radar DR500 (legacy) Yes

Decatur SI-3/SI-2 (legacy) No

What has been improved

The following are a few of the improvements that have been made to new control board:

  • Mobile app support
  • Improved support for third party products
  • Improved LED driver efficiency
  • Improved reverse battery connection protection
  • Faster boot-up procedure
  • Lower power consumption
  • Improved date/time backup to >24hrs when power has been removed—removed replaceable battery coin cells in favor of a capacitor bank
  • Improved interface to radar to support two-way communication via SpeedCheck Manager
  • Removed legacy hardware and replaced with software configuration via SpeedCheck Manager mobile
  • Increased storage capacity for data logging
  • Improved labeling on the circuit board
  • 10-pin serial connector is now keyed and latching
  • Added LED display board nightly test for third party remote monitoring

With the removal of the coin cell batteries from the previous controller revision, you will now have >24hrs of built-in backup power with the power removed from the system before the date and time will have to be updated via the SpeedCheck Manager mobile app. If you are using this board for legacy systems (2010 Q1 or older) that contain the original LED display boards, you will need to enable 20mA intensity mode via SpeedCheck Manager (otherwise the LEDs will appear significantly dimmer). You may also refer to this article here regarding changing the LED display board intensity.

To download the latest version of SpeedCheck Manager mobile, please refer to this article.

The serial cable used for Applied Information applications is not compatible with this controller and needs to be replaced with an updated version. For more information, Chat with us using the blue chat box in the bottom right corner of the page 🗨️ at https://carmanah.com/contact-support/.

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