SpeedCheck® product update - new feature: SpeedCheck Manager MPH/KPH setting adjustment

This article details an update to SpeedCheck Manager for setting the radar unit of speed: when it occurred, how it works, and more.

Product applicability

The following products are discussed in this article:

  • SpeedCheck: SPEEDCHECK-15 and SPEEDCHECK-18
    • Programmable controller with Bluetooth

When did this update occur

SpeedCheck Manager began supporting the MPH/KPH adjustment starting in 2020 Q3 (version

What software version is required

This feature requires the following SpeedCheck Manager versions:

  • Legacy programmable controller: or newer 
  • Updated programmable controller: or newer

What firmware version is required

This feature requires the following firmware versions:

  • Legacy programmable controller: 4.28
  • Updated programmable controller: 10.02 or newer

What hardware version is required

This feature is supported by the programmable (Bluetooth) controller, both legacy and updated. See below for a visual representation for each.

Theory of operation

This new setting is found on the System tab under the button Set MPH/KPH:

Updated programmable controller (2021 Q2 or newer)

  • Choose MPH or KPH (this will be factory programmed for your application)
    • This will program the radar directly 

Legacy programmable controller (October 2022 or older)

  • Choose one of the following options:
    • Radar Default: passes through the factory radar setting untouched (most users will want to select this).
    • Convert to MPH: takes the factory radar setting and applies a mathematical conversion to MPH. 
    • Convert to KPH: takes the factory radar setting and applies a mathematical conversion to KPH. 

If your choose one of the conversion options and your radar is already programmed to the correct speed setting, the speed displayed on the LED displays will be inaccurate.

With the release of our updated SpeedCheck controller in 2021 Q2, programming the radar unit of speed setting is can now be done via the SpeedCheck Manager software. This is made possible with the updated controller due to the addition of two-way communication using the integrated radar harness.

Controller Version Compatible Firmware¹ SpeedCheck Manager Version Recommended Setting

Updated Programmable

10.02 or newer or newer


Canada = KPH

Australia = KPH

Other = location specific

Legacy Programmable

(phased out October 2022)

4.28 or newer Radar Default

The legacy controller will require firmware version 4.28 to gain access to the KPH/MPH feature. For compatibility reasons, we do not recommend updating any system that is version 3.47 or older. The latest firmware file is bundled with the SpeedCheck Manager software. If you are unsure which setting you should be set to please Contact Carmanah.

To download the latest revision of SpeedCheck Manager, please refer to this article. For firmware inquiries, click on the blue chat box in the bottom right corner of the page 🗨️ at https://carmanah.com/contact-support/.

Do not adjust the setting on the legacy programmable controller from Radar Default unless you are certain your setting is incorrect for your location. Changing this value when not required will result in incorrect readings.

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